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Bartkira Volume 2 is ready to drop onto the internet on Saturday. We’re having a launch party and exhibition at Gosh! Comics and we want you to be there. Read about it here~

I’m gonna be there during the day signing copies of my book Masterplasty (I will not be wearing that jacket, sadly) and then the Bartkira launch is in the evening. Ryan Humphrey is gonna be there with the original Bartkira drawings that started the whole thing. There’s going to be a zine you can get which Hannah Chapman is working hard at editing right this second. There’s going to original art hanging up and the artists that made that original art. And such and such. 7pm-9pm at Gosh! Comics, London. Come! 

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rumor has it the rams are gonna announce a relocation to los angeles after the super bowl lololol

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is there anything better than playoff baseball

the answer is no

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